Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a quick update on how my new jobs are going.  I did end up taking the hood cleaning job in Brooklyn.  I am now certified by the New York State board!  It’s interesting being a part of this company to see how they run things.  They do zero social media, they do no advertising, and still get tons of customer leads coming in.  I asked about how they do it and they mentioned some marketing company they use that’s crushing it for them.  I mean, seriously, we’re out on calls all day long.  I can’t even imagine the hours that the full-time employees must work.

At the moment, I’m only working 2 days a week: Fridays and Saturdays.  The rest of the week is dedicated to my cleaning business, whether it’s dish-washing, vacuuming, or hosing down the outside of the house.  Whatever the clients need, I’m there.  For hood cleaning though, I show up around 8:00 AM and check in to see what my assignment is for the day.  I’ve been paired with a more experienced employee who’s been doing this for 15 years.  Most of the calls we’re going on are for estimates.  We head out to the restaurant’s location, inspect their kitchen or dining area and then provide a quote for our service based on what they need.  So far, we’re closing customers at around 80%.  That’s pretty solid because I can’t think of any other line of work where it’s nearly automatic.  The 20% that don’t end up going with us are almost always due to cost.  They want to pay some person $40 to do a quick scrub and sign-off on it, but we don’t work like that.  As a professional company, we inspect every item and clean everything with commercial grade solutions to keep everyone safe.  Half-ass jobs are not what we want to be a part of.  Great marketing occasionally brings crappy leads like that, but 8/10 are good ones that turn into deals.

Another cool thing about this setup is that when we go in for a hood cleaning, most of these people don’t shop around or just don’t feel like looking for new people each time.  These business owners want one partner that they can trust to get the job done right and come back on a recurring basis.  So, in actuality, each one of these leads this company is sending us is creating major lifetime value.  I’m very impressed and asked for a meeting to see if they can generate the same type of interest in my personal business.  If that works out, then I don’t need to be part-time here.  How funny would that be.  I take a new position to get more money, only to meet the person that can help me with my own.  Ironic right?  It’s pretty great.  My meeting is scheduled for some time next week, so I’ll provide an update afterwards to let you know how it goes.  If all goes well, I won’t have to keep a part-time job for much longer.

My goal here is to work on my own dish-washing and cleaning service full-time and have enough customers calling in to keep all of my employees busy instead of having to find contractors for each job.