Turn your nest into your own castle, no matter how little. Organizing a small space is the ultimate challenge, especially for those dwelling in compact cities where space comes at a high cost. There are thousands of hacks for organizing small spaces out there and it feels like you have tried them all: alphabetizing your books, color-coding your wardrobe, labeling your cabinets. And yet, nothing seems to work for you. The mess still eventually catches up; and how quickly that happens in a small space. Or maybe, you just haven’t found the perfect organization hack yet that best suits your lifestyle or your personality.

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ kind of person

You are most likely to find expired canned goods and bottled sauces at the very back of the cabinet. The reason? You forget about even putting them there in the first place. This is not just limited to the perishables: it can be that pair of shoes from two seasons ago, a set of kitchen knives gifted to you, products still in their packaging – and all these do take up precious space (and it can be annoying trying to look for these once you need them).

What to do?

Ditch the closed shelving and put your things where you can see them. Re-purpose a pegboard for your kitchen utensils or for your office supplies. Or you can use transparent containers to easily see the contents inside. Or if you cannot replace your current storage units, make a list of the what’s inside and stick it where you can review it from time to time.  The hacks for organizing small spaces vary from person to person.

‘Clean space, clean mind’ kind of person

Visual clutter causes chaos in your head. Having a small space and too much stuff out in
the open can get too overwhelming for you. The aesthetic minimalist in you must be put to ease
before you can fully operate in your space.

What to do?

Invest in bigger storage units where you can put multiple kinds of items, i.e. one cabinet for all your clothes, shoes, bags, and perhaps even turn a portion of it into your own dresser. Of course, try not to overcrowd your small space with big furniture; choose what fits just right. The point is organizing most of your stuff out of sight. You may also opt not to display the spine of your books if too much color is an issue; or if you do not mind colors, you can create visual harmony by color-coding the spine.

‘I’m late, I’m late, I’m late’ kind of person

You may see yourself in the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland – always busy, always in a hurry, and have so little time to organize even a small space. Organizing may actually save you more time in the long run; what you need is an organization system that is quick and easy
to maintain.

What to do?

Keep the things you only use on special occasions and put the daily essentials within reach – the last thing you need in the morning as you are rushing out is to look