The thing that makes our company stand out from the rest is the sheer volume of services we provide on demand.  We can do so many that it’s hard to picture sometimes.  So, let me share a quick story about one of our customers, Stan.  We’ll keep his last name removed for privacy.

Stan was a very wealthy business owner who inherited a large portion of his wealth from his family when they died in a tragic plane accident.  He took this money and reinvested it directly into Yahoo stock prior to the stock market collapse in the early 2000’s.  That single investment, albeit a large one, made him $21 million, which he then used to purchase a large home on the outskirts of New York City.  His large home in Brooklyn is the one we visited to provide cleaning services, and let me tell you – it was something!

We started by doing 14 loads of laundry.  I’m not exaggerating here.  Stan had not washed an article of clothing in 9 months; he simply purchased more.  Finally, he brought back a Tinder date who called him out on this disgusting habit, so he called us.  After washing his clothes for a few hours, we then proceeded to fold each item and neatly store them in one of 8 large dressers in the master bedroom.

The next service we provided was home office organization.  Normally, most home offices will have a chair, a desk, a bookshelf, and a rug, but not much else.  Stan had an office space the size of an apartment, nearly 800 square feet.  The office contained a massive bookshelf, a huge rug covering 80% of the floor, and two desks with full computer setups and 3 monitors each.  It looked like something from a movie.  We steam-cleaned the rug, wiped down the bookcase with sanitary disinfectants and special wood cleaner, then dusted the entire room.  It was quite a large undertaking, but the end product looked sparkling.

Next, we moved to the kitchen.  Similar to clothing from earlier, food and dishes were scattered all over the place.  It appeared a single dish had not been washed since he moved in last year.  One by one, our cleaning staff collected the dishes and washed them all by hand using a premium dish-washing soap.  Our cleaners then stored each dish in a logical manner in the kitchen cabinets.  We scrubbed the floors, we washed the 20 foot kitchen table, we steam-cleaned the upholstery on the chairs, and we mopped the floors until they were perfectly clean.

Next, we proceeded outside to power-wash the house.  As you can probably imagine, that was quite the process as well due to the size of the structure.  With more than 220 windows, we spent the remainder of day 1 outdoors spraying a commercial version of Windex on the windows and power-washing them all to sparkling perfection.  After rinsing the glass thoroughly, our cleaning staff hopped on adjustable ladders and wiped down each window individually to remove streaking.  The amount of paper towel and cleaning supplies used in this process is nearly unfathomable.

Finally, our team of professionals helped Stan prepare for a birthday party he was planning on hosting at his estate.  We traveled from room to room, dusting, vacuuming, and organizing for the entirety of day 2.  After 26 hours of cleaning split over the course of 2 days, Stan’s home was ready to display.  The bill for all of these services was large because of the sheer volume of work and the number of employees we had to use to meet the time constraint, but we completed it.  It was an all-hands-on-deck moment that our company is proud of.  I’m not sure we’ll ever have a residential customer as big as Stan again, but it shows that we can handle any size task you throw at us.  Call today for a free estimate and we’ll knock out your job faster than we could here.  We’ll provide any cleaning service on demand.